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AdultEd Online

Are you looking for a great resource for technology planning specific to adult education? Look no further. This website developed by Sacramento County Office of Education in conjunction with the University of Michigan provides tools that assess administrator and teacher skills for technology integration and distance teaching.

Computer Using Educators (CUE)

Computer-Using Educators, Inc. is a non-profit California corporation founded in 1978. It's goal is to promote and develop instructional uses of technology in all disciplines and at all educational levels from preschool through college. If you live in California and can only attend one conference a year, you can't beat CUE's annual conference in Palm Springs.


Formerly called Just for The Kids, this is a great free tool for administrators to view school and district achievement data. This site is great for principals and can be used with teachers to show grade level results. District office leaders can easily see which schools need improvement in specific areas. You can see a comparison with the top 10 schools with your same demographics, and they will be ones close enough to visit. Charts are colorful to assist your entire staff in data-driven decision making. There is also a tab that indicates NCLB compliance.
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