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AdultEd Online

Are you looking for a great resource for technology planning specific to adult education? Look no further. This website developed by Sacramento County Office of Education in conjunction with the University of Michigan provides tools that assess administrator and teacher skills for technology integration and distance teaching.

Big 6

The Big6 is both a process model of how people of all ages solve an information problem and a set of basic, essential life skills. These skills can be applied across situations and subject areas. This site includes an overview, lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and further background information. If you're interested in information literacy, visit this site. (Big 6; Big Six)

Common Core Standards Plus

If you want to translate improvement plans into concrete actions that sustain continuous academic growth, Common Core Standards Plus has a product that will assist classroom teachers in reinforcing core curriculum to close the achievement gap for all students.


Doceri is a tool for presentations and lessons. Through the Doceri Remote iPad app and Doceri Desktop software, you can control a computer (Mac or Windows), easily launch any document or application, and annotate over them at any time. You can save drawings and play them back in the future allowing even better presentations to be created from your existing PowerPoint or Keynote slideshows. If you just want to use it as a whiteboard, you can create any handwritten/drawn content on any background of your choice.


Do your teachers have trouble bringing technology into daily classroom learning? Introduce them to EasyTech. EasyTech includes a K-8 technology curriculum consisting of online lessons and integration activities with an easy-to-use management system that allows for accountability and assessment. Ongoing support and training are also provided to ensure successful implementation. This innovative curriculum allows administrators to solve the problem of curriculum integration, improve both accountability and student assessment and also build stronger learning communities.

eChalk Homepage

Are you searching for a web-based communication provider that can be used in grades K-12? If you are, take a look at the eChalk homepage. It provides links to sample school homepages, student-safe E-mail, a school calendar system, classroom pages for displaying assignments, quiz information, etc., and information about the newly released Version 3 of the eChalk system. This redesigned homepage provides numerous resources, like a threaded discussion page, for the school to share information with parents and the community.

Engineering is Elementary

Engineering is Elementary is a project of the Museum of Science, Boston, to promote the learning and teaching of engineering and technology by elementary school students and teachers. The site includes lesson plans and activities to introduce students to the topics. To fully immerse students in the topics, it would be helpful to purchase the inexpensive storybooks to accompany the lessons, but there are also a large number of ideas that might be used to augment more traditional classes. This is an outstanding project that all elementary educators are urged to research.


ExploreLearning's Gizmos provide teachers with the world's largest library of interactive online simulations for math and science education in grades 3-12. Gizmos help students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration. Gizmos are research-based, flexible tools used by teachers across all 50 states. Gizmos are ideal for small group work, individual exploration, and whole class instruction using an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard. Gizmos are correlated to state curriculum standards and over 200 textbooks, making them easy to integrate into your instructional program.

Fountas and Pinnell

These two women have created a very smart and user friendly product line dedicated to the teaching and learning of reading. This site links professional development webinars and best practices/research to their product line.

Gaggle is dedicated to providing safe email accounts for students. The tools we provide allow schools to finally feel secure when giving their students email access. On the Gaggle Network teachers control what can be written and who can correspond with the students. Messages with inappropriate words are automatically re-routed to the teacher's account. This allows the teacher to decide whether or not the student gets to see the message. Gaggle can also act as a social network including blogs and profiles.
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