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Quick takes tutorials: Future Ready?

In this 6-minute "quick takes" presentation, Susan Brooks-Young provides an executive summary and introduction to the Future Ready Schools framework and process.

14 Resources to Bookmark for Digital Literacy

This 2016 blog post from the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education provides just what it says: links to some key resources on digital literacy that include overviews, curriculum materials and assessment tools.

5 Tips to Help Struggling Students Succeed Online

An online learning environment can be challenging for many students even those who have been successful in traditional learning environments. Here are 5 strategies that instructional designers and teachers can use to help struggling online students succeed.

A Nation of Opportunity: Building America's 21st Century Workforce

Find effective strategies to build 21st century skills and how education relates to that goal in this report from the 21st Century Workforce Commission. The Commission was appointed by Congress to recommend the best ways to prepare citizens for the information technology work of the future.

Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow (ACOT2)

Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow - Today (ACOT2) is a collaborative project to help high schools get closer to creating the kind of learning environment this generation of students needs, wants, and expects so they will stay in school. ACOT2 assumes as its starting point that time-honored yet outmoded approaches to education and education reform must be replaced with new and creative ways of thinking about designing learning environments for this generation of students. With a 30-year history of delivering innovative technology and education solutions, Apple has initiated ACOT2 to articulate and demonstrate powerful design principles focused on improving education in America.

Awesome Library for Principals

This site contains practical information for school principals. The Awesome Library provides only resources that have been reviewed and found to be of high quality for its users.

Becoming a Connoisseur of Technology Integration

Here you'll find the PowerPoint, handout, and additional references for Michael Simkins' presentation, "Becoming a Connoisseur of Technology Integration," presented at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Annual Conference and Exhibit Show, Anaheim, California, March 19, 2007.

Building Your Roadmap for 21st Century Learning Environments

The roadmap is a flexible planning tool that can help you chart a strategic path for transforming your schools to meet the demands of today's students and their futures. This free resource was created by Cable Impacts Foundation, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, and the State Educational Technology Directors Association, with advice from dozens of experts and practitioners. Anyone interested in the Future Ready Schools project will want to be familiar with the roadmap as well.

California Learning Resource Network CLRN

The purpose of the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) is to provide a one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards.

Carlsbad High School Television (CHSTV)

CHSTV is one of the nation's top rated high school broadcast journalism programs. The recipient of seventeen National Student Television Awards (Student Emmys), and the 2006 winner of the prestigious STN Award of Excellence, CHSTV is recognized across the country as a model for scholastic broadcast journalism. The show is produced by students enrolled in Carlsbad High School's broadcast journalism program. Each morning the program is produced live, reaching a closed circuit audience of 3000 students and staff and an Internet audience of viewers who can watch the live feed, and archived replays, on In 2008, CHSTV expanded its curriculum to include documentary production. In the fall of 2008, chstvFILMS will release a groundbreaking documentary on the Holocaust, called "We Must Remember" (
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