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Digital Textbook Playbook

The FCC's Digital Textbook Playbook is a guide to help K-12 educators and administrators begin building rich digital learning experiences for students in districts across the country. The playbook offers information about determining broadband infrastructure for schools and classrooms, leveraging home and community broadband to extend the digital learning environment, and understanding necessary device considerations. It also provides lessons learned from school districts that have engaged in successful transitions to digital learning. Keywords: ebook, digital textbooks, textbook
Discovering Their Own Way—Students Using Technology to Help Their Community

In this Radio TICAL episode, hear Lindsey and Morgan, two high school seniors from a small rural farming community in Harrisburg, Arkansas share how The Environmental And Spatial Technology (EAST) Project has prepared them to be life-long learners and active community members. They also discuss projects they have worked on including a water conservation project that resulted in saving the farms thousands of gallons of water.
Disrupting Class: Student-Centric Education Is the Future

Clayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn are coauthors of the book Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. They wrote this article for Edutopia describing how the business model of disruptive innovation will affect schools.
Distance Learning Through Video

In this TICALevision episode, You will see Adrienne Sadovsky, a history teacher helping students understand culture in the early 20th century using a video conferencing unit. Teaching out of an office at the Southwest Educational Cooperative in Monticello, Arkansas, she reaches several schools. She is equipped with a video conferencing unit hooked up to her computer while students sit in a classroom with a proctor and a video conferencing unit. Now, students in smaller sized districts are able to enroll in AP courses and electives they were never offered before.
Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

If you have not read Drive by Daniel Pink, this animated excerpt from one of his talks will give you a nice introduction. Ideas from the book inspired the Innovation Day Geoff Belleau talked about here on Radio TICAL.
Easy Ways to Market Your Schools

Education World offers a good collection of common sense strategies to market and promote your school, including interacting with reporters and other traditional media.

EDInfo is a free information service that delivers 1-2 messages per week from the U.S. Department of Education to your e-mail account. Each message features one report or initiative (or other information) from the U.S. Department of Education. Most messages include a summary, an excerpt, and where you can get more information. (Please note that EDInfo messages are longer than most e-mails -- typically 3-4 printed pages.)

EDJOIN currently hosts jobs for 3,863 public/private educational organizations throughout the country. You can search for all levels of staff. Narrow your search by state, area, as well as job type. The go to site for human resources.
Edmodo’s Tracking of Students and Teachers Revives Skepticism Surrounding ‘Free’ Edtech Tools

A cautionary tale about 'free' online tools, collection of student data, and how things can go terribly wrong. Very timely given recent concerns about protecting student data privacy in schools.

Formerly called Just for The Kids, this is a great free tool for administrators to view school and district achievement data. This site is great for principals and can be used with teachers to show grade level results. District office leaders can easily see which schools need improvement in specific areas. You can see a comparison with the top 10 schools with your same demographics, and they will be ones close enough to visit. Charts are colorful to assist your entire staff in data-driven decision making. There is also a tab that indicates NCLB compliance.
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