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Just For The Kids-California (JFTK-CA) Presentation

Locating beneficial resources to help display data can be a daunting task. TICAL cadre member Sandra Miller shares many ways this free resource for California schools can display data and provide best practices. After viewing this presentation, you will be ready to use your site's data for key decision making.
K-12 High Speed Network (HSN)

The K-12 High Speed Network (HSN) is a state-funded program to build an infrastructure to let California schools take advantage of advances in network technology. Learn about current and future plans here at the network's website.
Landmarks for Schools

This site offers online tools and links to teaching and learning resources. Two areas that are especially noteworthy are Class Blogmeister and Citation Machine. Educators may use Class Blogmeister to create classroom blogs, and Citation Machine is a great tool for teaching students how to properly cite print and online resources.
Leadership and Learning Center

The Leadership and Learning Center is a private educational organization which helps individuals, school districts, and corporations achieve their educational objectives through assessment, accountability, and standards. There are several free resources (newsletters and articles) of interest to administrators. This is a vendor site, featuring the work of Doug Reeves, a well-known consultant.
Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

Meriwether Lewis Elementary School's web site is a model for how to build a simple yet powerful school web site using multiple blogs. There's one for the home page, one for the principal Tim Lauer, one for classroom notes, et cetera. Take a look!
Mini Computers for Every Student in the Classroom

In this Radio TICAL episode, Arkansas cadre members Harry Dickens, John Calaway, and Jim Yeager speak to George Lieux, an Arkansas cadre member and technology integration specialist at Forth Smith Public Schools about his districts one laptop per child program including how it was funded, how the district provided professional development, how teachers have changed the way they teach, and how the program will be expanded in the future.
mVal: Professional

mVal, by Media-X, is a complete system for staff evaluation. You may customize the software to reflect your district's standards for teacher evaluation and use both checklists and narrative to complete an observation. The PalmOS component enables you to complete forms in the field using a PDA, or you can run the system on a laptop for mobility as well.
National Assessment of Educational Progress - NAEP

With all the buzz about No Child Left Behind, do you keep hearing about the NAEP, yet have no idea what it is? NAEP is the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and this site is a great place to start constructing you own understanding about what NAEP is and isn't. Multiple links from this site will help you investigate the NAEP and learn what it means to you and your school.
New Programs Funding Calculator

2006-2007 was a great year for funding special projects, that is if you know the strings attached, how the funds are calculated and if you qualify. How does an administrator figure out what monies are available this year for technology projects? Here is a great resource created by our friends in the Arvin Union School District, Bakersfield, CA. Calculations, explanations and more can be found on this user friendly spreadsheet. Impress you business department with the amount of knowledge gained from this resource. Knowledge is power. Post 2006-2007, use this as a template for creating your own customized version with current year data.
Next Vista for Learning

Next Vista is an online library of free videos for education. These videos are created by both teachers and students and cover a wide range of subjects.
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