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Data Teams

In this Radio TICAL episode, San Jose Unified School District managers Bill Erlendson and Marcy Lauck share a new way to facilitate data-driven decision making.
Data Visualization in Panama-Buena Vista!

Great video and white paper describing Kevin Silberberg's Data Dashboard using data to start conversations and make decisions.
Data-Driven Decision Making

Cadre members Devin Vodicka and John White, principal in Los Angeles Unified, collaborated on this presentation which provides an overview of the basics, free resources, and links to useful resources to improve the use of data as a tool for improving teaching and learning.
Data-Driven Decision Making : Vision to Know and Do

As part of its Essential Leadership Skills series, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) has developed training materials for a workshop on data-driven decision making. See this backgrounder brief for an overview of what's included.
Data-Driven Organizations: What Do They Look Like?

Jim Cox shares his vision of what constitutes a data-driven organization. He takes the reader beyond standardized test scores and the importance of causal information. Although this article was written several years ago, the information presented still holds true today.
Dave Eggers: Once Upon a School

This Ted Talk shares an inspirational story of how volunteers made a difference for middle and high school students. Appropriate for use with school boards, teacher groups, and service or community groups, this video provides an opportunity for principals and district staff to encourage volunteerism in tight budget times. For further information, see their website.
Deploying Technology: A Teacher Centered Approach

In this condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference, see the process used to identify and fulfill teacher technology needs in the Fayetteville ARRA project. From the initial steps of inventory and needs identification through the procurement procedures to deployment and training, hear how FPS and the Special Education team was able to upgrade seventy classrooms in fourteen buildings throughout the district. Over a million dollars of technology was successfully placed in a little over one year’s time.
Developing a Learning Community For One Laptop Per Child Implementation

In this TICALevision episode, George Lieux, Technology Integration Specialist at Fort Smith Public Schools in Fort Smith, Arkansas shares a program that was recently implemented in the district. Several classrooms, from 2nd grade to 12th grade, received a mini-notebook (UMPC) for every student in the classroom. As the lead technology professional development trainer, George highlights how he trains the teachers virtually to model the use of the laptops and to promote project-based learning.
Did You Know 2.0

This PowerPoint-esque movie is an excellent resource for sharing the changing world we live in and the influences of technology on today's youth. The full version is a little long (8 minutes) for most audiences but sharing this video with a school district leadership team can create a very impactful conversation about the role of technology and education in the K-12 environment.Developed by Karl Fisch as a "conversation" among K-12 students and staff. Also called "Shift Happens."
Digital Promise

Launched in September 2011, Digital Promise, also known as the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies, is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the use of digital technologies to advance all levels of formal and informal education. Plans include funding pilot projects and program evaluations as well as developing a “league of innovative schools.” Digital Promise receives funding from a variety of sources including the federal government and private corporations.
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