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Are you looking for links for fund raising, grant opportunities, how to write a grant and much more? Check this site. It has sixteen active channels to search for grants including technology and school grants.

GenYES is a structured program that brings students and teachers together to co-plan technology-infused lessons. It's a fascinating example of bringing "student voice" into education. GenYES has also developed TechYES, a project-based approach to student technology certification. (Gen Y, GenY)
GenYES Students and teachers planning together

In this episode of Radio TICAL, Michael Simkins interviews Sylvia Martinez, President of GenYES. Sylvia talks about the project’s original program for bringing students and teachers together to co-plan technology-infused lessons as well as a newer program, TechYES, which offers a unique project-based learning approach to certifying middle school students as technologically literate.
Grant Wrangler: A Grant Index for Teachers

Grant Wrangler™ is a free grants listing service provided by Nimble Press. This site makes it easier for teachers, librarians, and parents to find funding, including grants and awards for arts, history, mathematics, science, technology, and more.
Guide to Integrating Forensic Techniques into Incident Response

Computer security experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed this guide to help organizations use "forensic" techniques to troubleshoot operational problems, investigate computer security or policy violation incidents, and recover from accidental system damage. The Executive Summary is of value to all administrators and you'll want to pass the full guide along to your technical support staff.

Handheld computers can do more than store dates and contacts. Using HanDBase, you can design your own database to track your students, staff and campus. Many programs have been designed for school administration using this program.
How A Data-Driven Organization Deals With Aligning Assessment Measures to Local Standards (One of the greatest barriers to becoming a proactive Data-Driven Organization)

In this article Jim Cox explains how to determine whether or not an assessment tool and the curriculum being taught are actually aligned.
How to use Electronic Learning Assessment Resources (ELAR) Web site

This tool was designed by the ELAR staff to assist you in navigating the Web site. It was prepared for beginning to advanced users of data-driven resources in hopes of helping you make decisions based on data. This document is broken down by concept, where to find the resource on the site, and a direct URL link.
IDMS Instructional Data Management System

IDMS Instructional Data Management System is an integrated approach to developing, managing, and using data to drive instructional practices. IDMS delivers data directly to the desktop of the teacher, administrators and parents. IDMS provides powerful analysis capabilities allowing educators to target improvement efforts and personalize student interventions. The four components are State Standards access, local standards and assessments, grade book and report card.
Instructional Program Summary

This Excel® template is designed to help administrators determine the instructional hours being spent in each content area. This template will also graph the data so you can see how content areas (Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies) are prioritized by your teachers.
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