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Using Web 2.0 Tools at School

The January-February 2010 issue of ACSA's Leadership magazine features an article on using Web 2.0 tools at school written by Michael Simkins and Randy Schultz. Get access to the article, take the TICAL Web 2.0 survey, and view survey results from over 300 participants.
Vicarious Learning: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Global Collaboration

In this Radio TICAL episode, Vicki Davis, the IT Director and technology teacher at Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA and a national speaker talks with Rowland Baker about several global collaborative projects she helped create (Flat Classroom Project, NetGen Project, Digiteen Project, and Eracism Project) how these have assisted students in developing cultural literacy and 21st century skills.
Video Clips to Enhance Professional Development

This wiki was designed to assist school leaders with a selection of videos that can be used for professional development for staff. It was prepared by Rowland Baker, founder of the TICAL project. This site is always growing and has video clips organized into categories such as warm ups, inspirational, and powerful messages.
Videos for Leadership

Sometimes you need a pick me up video. Other times you need a video that tells a story on which you can build a movement...or a theme...or hit home a point. Some videos have deep meanings. Others make you laugh. Still others make you stop....and think. And as school leaders, we need all of them. TICAL cadre members curated what we think are the best of the best, and will continue to update them for years to come.
Virtual Library: Support and resources for districts with high-priority (low-performing) schools

The California Department of Education (CDE) has put together this collection of resources that may be helpful for districts that have high priority schools. The resources fall into the following categories: School Reform Resources, Curriculum and Instructional Resources; Strategies from Improving Schools, Grade Span Resources, and Improvement Tools. (RSDSS)
Vision, Leadership, and Change

This article this article explores how organizations profit from having a vision, how shared vision can promote organization change, the impact of vision on administrators and teachers, and steps for developing a shared vision.
Wallenberg Hall at Stanford University

Wallenberg Hall is Stanford University's home for research in university-level classroom learning. Its Advanced Resource Classrooms are available for use by Stanford faculty to experiment with new ways of teaching and learning in their subject areas. Wallenberg Hall's staff of teachers and technologists works closely with faculty to create new activities and provide tools to support rich learning experiences.
We won the grant! Now what do we do? A WebQuest for K-12 Administrators

Do you need help revising your district's technology plan? This web site can help. Although the title suggests this WebQuest site is for grant writers, you will also find useful information for writing a school technology plan. Of particular help are the links to technology use assessment tools.
We've Started, Now What? Leading Phase Two Common Core Implementation

The Common Core State Standards and associated shifts have been introduced. Now what? This archived ASCD Webinar will identify useful tools and strategies for going deeper with the standards using easily available resources for administrators and teacher leaders to use in planning, implementing, and monitoring the Common Core State Standards for English language arts/ literacy and mathematics. Web page has downloadable slides and handout packet. One-hour in length.
Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education

This narrated presentation by Steve Hargadon discusses the various uses of Web 2.0 applications in education including wikis, blogs, and social networks. This presentations was originally presented as a keynote address for the Knowledge Bank online conference and stemmed from a comprehensive blog post of the same title which is also available here.
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