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Telling Your Story is a toolkit in PDF form with steps and a process to create a brand and a marketing Plan for your school. Good resource for promoting your school.
The Adult Literacy Education Wiki

If you are an adult educator, you will find this to be an excellent resource for connecting research to practice. This wiki is a community of practice for practitioners, researchers, and learners.
The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE)

What works in education? The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE), funded by Johns Hopskins University, presents reliable, unbiased reviews of research-proven educational programs to help: policy makers use evidence to make informed choices. Principals choose proven programs to meet state standards. Teachers use the most powerful tools available. And researchers find rigorous evaluations of educational programs.
The Bottom Line: Financing Online/Blended Programs

In this presentation from the Leadership 3.0 Symposium, Rob Darrow addresses the question "How do schools finance online or blended learning programs in California?" One time and ongoing costs need to be identified in order to develop a sustainable model for an online or blended learning program. The components that need to be financed should be identified in the planning process and incorporated into a long range plan. Examples will be shared of what needs to be financed and how to do it. Creative financing can help in providing students new learning opportunities without boundaries.
The Complete Facebook For Educators!

Facebook is controversial within the educational circles–should it or should it not be included as a valid learning tool. Teachers coming under fire for Facebook postings. Should teachers friend students, former students, etc. At the very least, you should have as much information as possible before you make your final decision. This site provides some answers and resources as you look to integrate social media into your instructional and communication programs.
The Countryside Experience

Becci Gillespie is superintendent-principal of Pleasant Grove Joint Union School District, a single-school, K-8 district in a rural area 25 miles from Sacramento, California. Rural for now, that is. Big plans are in the works to build a whole new community within the district, complete with ten to twelve new schools! In this Radio TICAL episode, Steve Kay interviews Becci about how she worked with her staff to increase their use of technology and her hopes of maintaining the good things about her small district as it grows to many times its current size.
The District Data Analyzer: A Low-Cost, High-Impact Alternative to a Data Warehouse

This BLE Group white paper reviews the Excelsior software District Data Analyzer, a tool used to access and analyze data across district systems without a data warehouse. An alternative for small and medium sized districts to an extensive data warehouse project, the District Data Analyzer is an excellent first step for organizations that want to start using data and meet NCLB requirements. This is a sponsored white paper. (Download the PDF)
The Educator’s Guide to Student Data Privacy

Student privacy, especially when using online tools, is a critical issue. This guide is designed to help teachers use technology in their classrooms and protect student data privacy at the same time. Great reference for principals to share with staff.
The Future of Children

The Future of Children promotes effective policies and programs for children by making current research available to policymakers and school leaders. The site offers publications and newsletters.
The Future of Internet III

Working on a vision for your technology plan? Share these findings from a 2008 survey of internet leaders, activists, and analysts on major tech innovations they anticipate in the next ten years.
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