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Quick Take: Web 2.0

This 4-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. It provides an overview of various Web 2.0 tools that help users participate and interact on the Web.
Quick Takes: Google Forms

This Quick Take shows you how to use Google Forms, a subset of Google Docs, to gather survey data for your data-driven decisions. You will learn how to create your own Google Form and distribute an unlimited amount for free!
Quick Takes: Creating a Facebook Page for Your School Community

In this Quick Take, you will see examples of some school and district Facebook pages used successfully to communicate to the broader community. Some of the features of Facebook posting is defined, and you will be walked through how to create your own school and/or district Facebook page including proper settings to maximize your reach. Keywords: social media, Facebook, Communication
Quick Takes: eBooks

In this Quick Take tutorial you will get an overview of eBooks, eBook Reader and their potential in education
Quick Takes: Google Docs

This Quick Take provides you an overview of the Google Docs application suite which allows you to collaborate on one document, spreadsheet, and presentation. You will be able to quickly use Google Docs to boast your productivity as well as find classroom examples for your teachers.
Quick Takes: Infographics for Teaching and Learning by Susan Brooks-Young

We are drowning in data—not just in the field of education, but across our society. According to research reported in the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper in 2011, the growth in the internet, 24-hour television and mobile phones means that people are receiving five times more information every day as they did in 1986. Isn’t there an easier way to share some of this information? This Quick Take focuses on an information sharing strategy that has been embraced by the business world and is gaining traction among educators and answers three questions: “What is an infographic?,” “Why use infographics in the classroom?” and, “Where can I learn more?”
Quick Talks by Peter Senge

The Society for Organizational Learning Website has developed a series of short, thought-provoking talks by Peter Senge. Each one provides a glimpse into Peter's current thinking on some of today's most pressing organizational issues and offers refreshing perspectives for exploration. You will enjoy them for your own edification and may find them useful to use with your staff. Three of the titles are available free of charge in MP3 format: Impact of Globalization (5 minutes); Organizational Culture and Learning (5 minutes); Transformational Change (3 minutes). Electronic Input System

Participate in the federal rule-making process more easily. This site enables educators and other users to search for, review, and submit comments on federal proposals and other documents open for comment. It also has an overview of recent research.
Resources for Building Community Partnerships

Schools benefit when local businesses, organizations, and individuals lend their expertise and resources to support programs. This collection of resources from Edutopia addresses the benefits of partnerships along with tips for building successful relationships with the community and examples of how it works.
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms - Sir Ken

This is not only an excellent visionary and insightful 11 minute talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the educational climate and political arena, but it also demonstrates the power of step-animation in illustrating a point and accompanying audio. RSA Animate has taken this talk and animated it to help the listener to better understand the content. An excellent use of your eleven minutes of time.
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