Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership

Planning for Technology

In this collection of brief, narrated slide shows, Harvey Barnett shares key information and strategies to inform and guide your technology planning process. Topics include relevant research findings, financial issues, total cost of ownership, professional development, and others.
Podcasting in Education

In this episode of Radio TICAL, Arkansas cadre member Belinda Kittrell interviews fellow cadre members Tommy Tyler and Karen Eoff. Tommy talks about how Monticello School District is experimenting with podcasting to help meet the learning needs of more students. Karen describes Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative’s TechCamps.
Preparing Students for Their Future—Not Our Past

In this episode of Radio TICAL, Rowland Baker interviews Dr. David Thornburg. Dr. Thornburg is well known in the field of educational technology. In this informal discussion, Dr. Thornburg shares how he came to be involved in educational technology in the first place, and what he sees are the most pressing demands of the future including project-based learning and STEM education.
Privacy Technical Assistance Center

The U.S. Department of Education established the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) as a “one-stop” resource for education stakeholders to learn about data privacy, confidentiality, and security practices related to student-level longitudinal data systems and other uses of student data.

Useful for technology planning and professional development, ProfilerPRO is an online tool that enables you to administer and analyze online surveys. Create your own, or use an existing survey from the online library. Basic service is free. Additional features are available for a fee. Note, ProfilerPRO is the successor to Profiler.
Project Tomorrow

Project Tomorrow is a national education nonprofit group that focuses on 21st century education. They prepare students to become innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world. Project tomorrow Conducts national research projects such as Speak Up, facilitates the replication of model projects in schools and communities, provides online tools and resources for students, teachers and parents, and contributes to the national and regional dialogue about educational issues.
Promoting Technology Integration School-Wide

Learn about research on the diffusion of innovations and its implications for how to facilitate the diffusion of technology integration, or other reforms, across classrooms in your school.
Putting California’s School Districts on the Path Toward Meaningful Digital Learning

In this guest blog post, TICAL cadre members Devin Vodicka and Gabe Soumakian discuss why they, along with thousands of other superintendents across the country, have taken the Future Ready Schools Pledge and what it means for their districts' efforts to implement digital learning.
Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations

The work of the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) is the inspiration for the implicit curriculum David Reilly discusses in his Radio TICAL interview (January 2014) on technology's role in the convergence of common core, implicit curriculum, and trans-modernist pedagogy. One of the QISA products, the My Aspirations Action Plan, is a technology based student portfolio that includes "progressive gaming" and interactive elements.
Quick Take: Apple's iPod Touch in Education

In this 6-minute narrated presentation Susan Brooks-Young provides an overview of the iPod Touch and how it can be used in and out of the classroom for learning and management purposes.
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