Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading." It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. All sorts of topics are discussed including but not limited to education. You'll find over 700 18-minute-long "TEDTalks" for free, each one by a fascinating thinker and doer. These videos are released under a Creative Commons license, so they can be freely shared and re-posted.

This site is dedicated to provide resources and ideas for "Digital Age Reform" in education that will transform education and engage students. It includes links to video clips, connectivity tools, and resources for the 21st Century "ibrarian." Developed by a San Diego business-man, it reinforces the need for urgent and transformational change in education.
Identifying and Implementing Educational Practices Supported By Rigorous Evidence: A User Friendly Guide

The connection between technology, achievement, and other learning outcomes has been the focus of much research, not all of it sound. This guide from the U.S. Department of Education can help you separate the good from the not-so-good. See especially Appendix B, Checklist to Use in Evaluating Whether an Intervention is Backed by Rigorous Evidence.
Implementing Online Assessments

This site is part of, an online community of practice created by SETDA to help states and districts prepare for online assessments. Whether your school or districts preparing for PARCC or Smarter Balanced assessments, this site provides case studies, expertise in infrastructure, determining needs, communicating to stakeholders and much more!
In support of Community Partnerships in STEM

This blog post discusses the importance of engaging partners from the tech sector in STEM programs. It includes an 8-minute video presentation.
Innosight Institute

Innosight Institute’s Education Practice’s mission is to apply Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s theories of disruptive innovation to develop and promote solutions to the problems of education. The primary focus currently is the U.S. K-12 public education system, although the Practice also works on the problems confronting higher education and education outside the U.S. As a large part of its research, Innosight Institute publishes case studies and white papers to describe, analyze, and explain the existing problems in education and illuminate how the needed innovations and solutions can materialize.
Innovation Day Blog

Geoff Belleau shares his thoughts and reflection on the first Innovation Day at Crystal Middle School including videos and links to resources.
Insight Instrument Library and Data Repository

Looking for an online survey instrument to back up your data for grants or reports or to evaluate the need for professional development? Take a look at INSIGHT, the South Central Instrument Library and Data Repository. The site has two distinct components: the Instrument Library that provides a centralized library of educational evaluation surveys and instruments and the Data Repository containing evaluation instruments to support research in educational technology and comparison data for instrument evaluation and administration.
Intel Teach Program Worldwide

Overview The Intel Teach Program Worldwide provides support for K-12 instructional leaders who plan and implement technology integration and professional development in their schools. This free four-hour forum provides face-to-face, hands-on professional development focusing on the importance of leadership for effective technology integration for improved teaching and learning.
International Society for Technology in Education ISTE

An organization of great diversity, ISTE leads through presenting innovative educational technology books and programs; conducting professional development workshops, forums, and symposia; and researching, evaluating, and disseminating findings regarding educational technology on an international level. ISTE's Web site contains coverage of many topics relevant to the educational technology community. One very outstanding contribution is their ISTE Standards (formerly NETS) for K-12 students. A companion booklet giving sample technology integration K-12 lessons is also available.
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