Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership

GreatSchools, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the best, most comprehensive information about public, charter, and private schools in all 50 states. features detailed school profiles for schools in California, Arizona and Texas, tools to help visitors search for and compare schools, and content designed to help people understand, support and improve schools.
Guidance on the Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech) Program

Are you interested in the detailed funding guidelines for the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Program? Here they are in one downloadable document! EETT consolidates the previous Technology Literacy Challenge Fund program and the Technology Innovative Challenge Grant program into a single state formula grant program (ESEA Title II, Part D). (NCLB) Although the publication date is 2002, this is the most recent document of this type posted on the USDOE web site.
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Portal

This portal contains many resources related to teaching and learning, especially higher education. There are articles, documents, presentations, videos and other resources advancing the scholarship and practices of higher education.
Hod Lipson builds

In this TED talk Hod Lipson demonstrates a few of his cool little robots, which have the ability to learn, understand themselves and even self-replicate.
Horizon Report - Summary of 2007 Edition

This summary of the 2007 Horizon Report was prepared by TICAL Cadre member Sandra Miller and TICAL staff member Jason Borgen. Michael Simkins narrates. The report describes new and emerging technology that can be used as tools for learning.
How A Data-Driven Organization Deals With Aligning Assessment Measures to Local Standards (One of the greatest barriers to becoming a proactive Data-Driven Organization)

In this article Jim Cox explains how to determine whether or not an assessment tool and the curriculum being taught are actually aligned.
How Mobile Learning Works

There is mobile learning (#mLearning) than the devices. It is a combination of the user (student), the device and the social aspect of learning.
How to Create A Facebook Page

This step-by-step webpage provides you an easy-to-follow guide to create a Facebook page for your school community. Reach out to all your stakeholders by following this guide.
How to use Electronic Learning Assessment Resources (ELAR) Web site

This tool was designed by the ELAR staff to assist you in navigating the Web site. It was prepared for beginning to advanced users of data-driven resources in hopes of helping you make decisions based on data. This document is broken down by concept, where to find the resource on the site, and a direct URL link.
How To Use Pinterest To Market Your School

This post by Eric Schneider gives the rational and step by step process to creating a school Pinterest account and using it to promote your school. Another example of putting social media to work for you.
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