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TeachTown is a research based solution for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs. The service brings together parents, clinicians, teachers and students in one comprehensive package. Subscription includes on-computer lessons, off-computer generalization activities, data tracking and communications tools that keep the whole team connected.
Technology for Fiscal Management

This article provides an overview of software that may be used for fiscal management.
Technology Funding Sources for Schools

Looking for technology funding? This page offers a few key links to help you know what technology dollars are available from government, foundation, and corporate sources.

Most districts have technology support for teachers and principals, but who does that technology person turn to for help? TechSETS could be the answer. This site provides support for technology directors, coordinators, or teachers charged with implementing technology in the districts and schools. A matrix of Services that need to be supported in schools serves as a starting point. It outlines the related Tasks needed to support each type of service, and the related Skills needed to perform the tasks. Sources of training to gain these skills are linked. This is one of four statewide sites designed to help technology people throughout the state.
TechSETS K-12 Voucher Tracking Tool

This spreadsheet tool provides a simple method of tracking Ed Tech K-12 Voucher expenditures, as well as compiling the data that will be required for reimbursements. Users should have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Instructions are provided under the first tab. Note: if prompted, choose "enable macros" when you download the file.
The Administrative Observer

Software for your PC or Palm that helps administrators work smarter, not harder! This software allows administrators to make notes, select criteria, and mark suggestions while on the move. Return to your office later and print a professional looking evaluation document using the data already collected.
The Dana Foundation serves as a gateway to brain information you can rely on. Visit the BrainWeb section to find general information about the brain and current brain research, as well as links to validated sites related to more than 25 brain disorders. Brainy Kids Online offers children, teens, parents and teachers links to games, labs, excellent education resources and lesson plans. Brain Resources for Seniors provides older adults and their caretakers with links to sites related to brain health, education and general information. The Arts Education pages support the training of in-school arts specialists.
The Geometerís Sketchpad Resource Center

Do you need or already have software to help your students learn mathematics in a hands-on and visual way? The Geometer's Sketchpad program has a user-friendly interface that can work with an overhead projector, a few computers, or an entire computer lab. This software assists students in exploring mathematical properties and relationships by simply dragging objects with a mouse.

Web-based grade book with free and fee-based versions. Can also track attendance and publish grades online. There is also a site administrator version of the tool that allows for collection of grades from all teachers and creation of reports.
Top 50 Free Education Apps

Staying on top of iPod Touch apps appropriate for use with students can be a challenge. This webpage shows the current top 50 free apps (pulled from iTunes). While the apps still need to be reviewed for usefulness in your setting, this resource gives busy administrators a place to begin looking.
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