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eSchool News TV (EsnTV)

Check out short videos related to anything educational. From student videos to online lectures and from professional development tips to product how-to's these videos are housed in one place so you are able to find everything.
eSchoolNews Online

This is the online version of eSchoolNews, a publication that is most helpful for administrators interested in all facets of instructional technology. There are discussion forums, article abstracts, information about grants and funding and much more. You might especially like the email you may receive from the site each week. You can skim through the newsletter, look for topics that interest you, and then visit the site for further information.
Essential Conditions for Technology Standard Implementation

Essential Conditions for Technology Standard Implementation provides useful information for educators as they conduct needs assessments or develop and implement instructional plans.
Ethical Use of Technology and Internet Safety For Your Technology Plan

In this 10 minute presentation, Harvey Barnett shares information and resources about cyber safety and ethical use including plagiarism, copyright, and file sharing. These are important topics to include in your technology planning process. In fact, they are now required in California after the passage of Assembly Bill 307.
Exemplary Uses of Technology in Education

David Weksler has been involved in educational technology at the grass roots level for years. In this Radio TICAL episode, Michael Simkins picks his brain about how far he feels we’ve come—or not come—in terms of integrating technology in truly exemplary ways.
Factors Influencing the Use of Technology for Teaching and Learning

Why are some schools successful in implementing technology programs for teaching and technology and others are not? This booklet offers a review of 12 schools sites, offering lessons learned around a variety of principles for success, such as: effective leadership, establishing focus, appropriate planning techniques, adoption of new teaching strategies, providing appropriate support for teachers, etc. With each lesson learned, there are suggested ways for you to apply the lesson in your own school.
Fighting Data with Data: The educational and political benefits of disaggregated data

In this article, Jim Cox discusses how school administrators can respond to external criticism of test scores with additional data gathered at the site or within the district. Although this article was written several years ago, the principles discussed still hold true today and are worthwhile for school administrators to review and share.
Free Digital Textbook Initiative

The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) reviewed several digital textbooks to determine which content standards were met in each textbook. This page provides links to each publisher's textbook and the number of standards that were met. You can also access the entire Free Digital Textbook Initiative Report published in August of 2009.
Free Technology For Teachers

Richard Byrne provides highly-effective free resources for teachers daily on his blog, Free Technology for Teachers. Richard does not just list resources, he gives teachers ideas about using the resources he lists on the blog. There is something for educator. There is a link on his blog that makes it very easy to setup a service to receive daily updates on his blog posts.
From Now On

From Now On is a free educational technology journal published without advertising by Jamie McKenzie. It is an excellent resource for technology planning, staff development, curriculum development, and technology integration.
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