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Quick Take: Simplifying Web Page Addresses

In this Quick Take, Jason Borgen walks you through two free services, TinyURL and Bitly. You will see how to take long Web addresses and make them much shorter so you can easily share with others.
Quick Takes: Google Forms

This Quick Take shows you how to use Google Forms, a subset of Google Docs, to gather survey data for your data-driven decisions. You will learn how to create your own Google Form and distribute an unlimited amount for free!
Quick Takes: Flip Cameras in Education

In this quick take presentation you will learn about Flip cameras and ways they can be used to enhance instruction. You will also see some examples of digital media and videos produced by teachers, administrators, and students.
Quick Takes: Google Search Beyond Novice

In this quick take presentation will show a variety of ways to search Google to maximize your research. Learn all about advanced search, filtering results, scholar search, and much more.
Quick Takes: Twitter

This 6-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. Susan gives an overview of the microblogging service called Twitter and how it can be used in educational settings.

ReactionGrid offers a 3-D, virtual world where “residents”can create, learn, collaborate, and explore. Unlike Second Life and other popular virtual-world communities, where maturity ratings are often not enforced, ReactionGrid offers a family-friendly environment that is targeted largely at the education market but also serves companies that want to conduct business in a professional environment.
Read Naturally

If you are looking for a piece of software that promotes oral fluency in reading this might be for you. The software is organized by readability levels and is most appropriate for beginning readers. Publisher presents research to support effectiveness.
RubiStar-Create Rubrics for your Project-Based Learning Activities

Is authentic assessment a challenge for your teachers? RubiStar is an online tool that takes the stress out of creating rubrics. These templates were created by classroom teachers in a variety of content areas and/or projects. Teachers can customize the rubrics to meet their specific needs.
School AUP

This is a dynamic document designed to support teachers, school media specialists, and education leaders in developing, maintaining, and enforcing Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) designed to: Promote the most effective, productive, and instructionally sound uses of digital, networked, and abundant information environments and Provide safe digital environments for learners and to instill safe practices and habits among the learning community.
School Business Applications

In response to a question from one of our TICAL members, we created an informal survey to get a sense of what applications are being used for school business purposes (e.g. accounting, payroll, purchasing, human resources) as well as how satisfied people are with the applications in use. We collected responses between July 19, 2008 and August 8, 2009. While only 32 people responded to the survey, their comments are quite useful.
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