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EdSource provides policy makers, researchers, K-12 and college educators, the media, parents, and the general public with important foundation information about assessment, accountability, finance, standards, and other areas where school administrators need to stay current. The organization is non-profit and does not advocate or lobby.
Education 3.0 - Buzzword, fad, or salvation?

Michael Simkins presented this session on Education 3.0 at the TICAL 2011 conference in Little Rock, AR and again, in a "new and improved" version at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia. Included was a guided tour through concepts about the future of learning as well as some current examples such as Khan Academy and the School of One. This link will take you to the slides as well as all the programs and people Michael referenced.
Education Daily

Education Daily is a subscription-based reference center for education professionals. Education Daily provides proven strategies to manage your schools and maximize learning, and updates you on the latest education news. Resources and information are organized by specific role and/or criteria such as Superintendents, Principals, Leadership, NCLB/Title 1, Finance, Grants, Curriculum, Athletics, and Special Education. Sample forms and templates are also included.
Education Data Partnership (Ed-Data)

This site offers a vast amount of data on California public schools such as enrollments, pupil-teacher ratios, explanations of STAR and API, options to compare schools, and per pupil expenditures as well as important topics in public education. See Portical's Briefcase section for a Tip Sheet on how to use this site!
Education Technology Plan Information

Here's a direct link to the main page on the California Department of Education website where you will find the links to technology plan guidelines, a listing of currently approved plans, and other related information.
Educational Policy Analysis Archives - EPAA

Looking for easily available research articles? Educational Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal freely accessible on the internet. It is published by the Education Policy Studies Laboratory, College of Education, Arizona State University. A quick search on technology and achievement yielded 146 articles, including Technology Refusal and the Organizational Culture of Schools and Actual Schools, Possible Practices: New Directions In Professional Development.
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a centralized bibliographic database of journal articles and other published and unpublished education materials. If you're looking for research, be sure to visit this site.

This is a helpful website for educational leaders, providing useful and digestible chunks of information, e.g., "top five tools for administrators."

Create engaging Common Core aligned formative assessments with interactive technology-enhanced Items and thousands of high-quality questions for free! Over 28 Question-types to choose. Share your assessments with teachers and students. Great formative assessments.

The website offers test data for individual schools to enable them to use data to drive their teaching and decision-making process. As of April 2003, all clients are from California so an analysis for use by other states is not presently available. Prospective schools outside of California may want to contact the company for further information on different state standards and testing instruments.
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