Tools & Templates
Data Driven Decision Making Tools
This section of the Briefcase contains templates, samples, step sheets, and other resources to assist administrators in their data driven decision making needs.

Identify Program Elements to Improve Student Achievement

Template (html)

Template (PDF)

Sample (html)

Sample (PDF)
This worksheet will assist you in the identification of elements of a school program that can help you improve student achievement and API scores. (Article by Jim Cox.)

Use Ed-Data to Locate School Data

Step Sheet (html)

Step Sheet (PDF)

This tip sheet will assist you in locating critical data related to your school or district or data to compare your school or district to others.

Track Legislative Bills and Information

Step Sheet (html)


This tip sheet will assist you in the location and tracking of legislative bills and information through the California Legislative Information web site.

Click here for an Arkansas step sheet.

Calculate Your Current and Target API scores (CA)

Spreasheet (Microsoft Excel)

This spreadsheet includes directions.

Organize and Chart Student Scores Template (Microsoft Excel) This simple workbook will help you organize and analyze scores from a school performance assessment. To learn more about the template, see Using Technology to Make Sense of Data.

Using Microsoft Excel to Collect and Analyze California STAR Data Presentation and link to templates Free templates and a narrated introduction by their creator, Michael Nunn.


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