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Useful for technology planning and professional development, ProfilerPRO is an online tool that enables you to administer and analyze online surveys. Create your own, or use an existing survey from the online library. Basic service is free. Additional features are available for a fee. Note, ProfilerPRO is the successor to Profiler.


Exchange Pointe International has developed an excellent set of school and classroom climate surveys for online administration and provides immediate survey results in colorful, easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. Teachers, parents, administrators, and students in grades 3 or higher can easily complete survey questions on the Web. Reports provide immediate data on customer satisfaction for use in school improvement plans and other decision making. It's possible to customize the surveys for specific needs. Exchange Pointe International also provides consulting on organizational development, accountability, and assessment issues.

Quick Takes: Google Forms

This Quick Take shows you how to use Google Forms, a subset of Google Docs, to gather survey data for your data-driven decisions. You will learn how to create your own Google Form and distribute an unlimited amount for free!

This is an online database/form builder that can be used to create online surveys, to collect data from staff, community members, and parents, and can be used to share information within your school or district online community. Free accounts are available as are low cost accounts that offer an array of features.

Survey Templates Ready to Administer Using Google Forms

These Microsoft Excel files were created to provide you quick access to surveys you can administer in your school or district using Google Forms (a subset of Google Docs). You can either obtain a direct copy of the survey to send to your participants immediately OR you can load the original spreadsheet into Google Docs and create the survey from the spreadsheet.

Google Forms Template: Teacher self-assessment on the National Education Technology Standards (NETS·T)

With this Google form template you can survey your teachers to determine how well they perceive their use of technology in the design and implementation of their lessons.

Smarter Balanced Technology Readiness Tool (TRT)

This online survey collects information on the amount and type of technology in California public schools. You'll need to update information annually, and you may want to do so more often and use this tool to track the status of your technology. You can log on, update information, and download reports at any time.

Using Web 2.0 Tools at School

The January-February 2010 issue of ACSA's Leadership magazine features an article on using Web 2.0 tools at school written by Michael Simkins and Randy Schultz. Get access to the article, take the TICAL Web 2.0 survey, and view survey results from over 300 participants.

Insight Instrument Library and Data Repository

Looking for an online survey instrument to back up your data for grants or reports or to evaluate the need for professional development? Take a look at INSIGHT, the South Central Instrument Library and Data Repository. The site has two distinct components: the Instrument Library that provides a centralized library of educational evaluation surveys and instruments and the Data Repository containing evaluation instruments to support research in educational technology and comparison data for instrument evaluation and administration.

10 Google Forms For the Classroom

This blog post provides you with 10 different examples of how Google Forms can be used in the class for assessment, surveying, evaluations, and reflections. You can view the forms from this teacher or get a copy for you to share with your teachers. These forms seem to be mostly for elementary/middle schools, but you can copy the existing forms and modify to fit your needs. Included are spelling test form, getting to know you form, and reading record form, and learning success form.


Do you need to conduct a survey, collect ballots quickly, or ask questions before the big staff meeting? Zoomerang can help you. This web-based tool offers professional-grade surveys that gather and analyze the critical feedback necessary to make important decisions. There are over 100 modifiable templates to choose from or you can easily create one of your own and then receive real time results.

My Learning Plan

MyLearningPlan is a complete professional development management system designed specifically for education organizations. Complex state certification and national NCLB requirements become easy to implement and track. Valuable feedback can be collected and analyzed using online surveys and evaluations. This is a fee-based service.

Google Docs

Google Docs (formerly Writely)is an online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool that allows you to share and collaborate on files in real time. You may upload existing documents or create new ones right in Google Docs. You can even create surveys using Google Forms which records data in a spreadsheet. Invite colleagues to view and edit the documents. You can make changes simultaneously! When finished, download the documents as Word, Excel or pdf files or print directly from Google Docs and Spreadsheets. This is an an excellent tool for working on school plans, grant proposals, and other documents requiring input from multiple authors.

Going Paperless

In this Radio TICAL episode, Gabe Soumakian, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resource in Burbank Unified School District got a chance to speak with Stephen Kay for a second time regarding how Burbank USD is implementing several programs to assist their district’s 21st century vision. In this episode Gabe shares the various ways the district is transitioning to a paperless environment for documents, student and personnel records, and surveying.

PollDaddy Twitter Polls

PollDaddy is an online survey tool. Recently, the site added the capability to create and launch quick polls that can be accessed through Twitter. This service is free.

Google Forms Template: School Climate Survey -- Analyzing Teaching and Learning, Safety, Relationships, and Institutional Environments

With this Google Form template you can survey three different stakeholder groups, students, teachers, and parents, to access data relating to school climate. You will see where perceptions lie within each stakeholder group and make a plan to improve school climate. The data dissagregates into four areas relating to school climate: teaching and learning, safety, relationships, and institutional environments. These areas correlate to research published by the National School Climate Center

Google FormEmailer Script Step Sheet and Tutorial

This document will walk you through how to Use the FormEmailer Script with Google Forms for Automatic emailing of data. Whether you use Google Forms for classroom walkthroughs, event registrations, parent surveys, lesson plan collection, etc. you can have the data automatically formatted in an email to the respondent and any other stakeholders of your choosing with the script.

Google Form Template: Learning Management System (LMS) Feedback Survey and Evaluation

As you begin to transition to online or blended learning in your school/district or just want to provide teachers the opportunity to create a paperless learning environment selecting the right LMS can be a daunting task as there are pros and cons for each. Use this survey and evaluation form developed by the Oxnard Union High School District to strategically qualitatively and quantitatively determine the pros and cons of each including teaching and learning functionality as well as layout, ease of use, and ubiquitous access.

Google Forms Template: SBAC/CAASPP Debrief Survey

Use these Google Form Templates developed at the San Mateo County Office of Education with support from the CISC Online Learning Collaborative Subcommittee (OLCS)as an option to access data from the relevant stakeholders including students, teachers/test administrators, and administrators. These templates can be used county/region-wide or just in a district or site. Questions relating to testing environment, preparation, and devices are all included.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech Leading Principals

The most successful technology initiatives take place at schools where school leaders are technology leaders as well. In this article T.H.E. Journal surveyed principals from across the country to identify the attributes they think a principal who wants to be an effective technology leader should demonstrate.

Digital Equity Action Agenda

CoSN is working to close the access gap for learning no matter where students are. As of 2016, the project has developed a Digital Equity Action Toolkit, an Infographic, survey templates, and a list of additional resources.

Crossing the Line: What Counts as Online Harassment?

What specific behaviors constitute online harassment? This January 2018 Pew Research Center study investigates public opinion about this question. To do so, the research center presented participants with a single vignette describing a situation that involved an escalating online dispute surrounding a controversial political issue. Participants were then asked to describe what parts of each vignette if any, they considered to be online harassment. The survey examines three different vignettes in total, including scenarios that involve sexism and racism. The study and the vignettes could be useful discussion starters for a staff meeting focused on this topic.


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