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Using iPods to Turn Students On To Reading (Part 1 of 2)

The eCAP program at El Crystal Elementary School in the San Bruno Park School District is a unique take home audiobook program where 40 targeted students use iPods to listen to and read from several different literature books. In this TICALevision episode principal Skip Johnson and several teachers and students share the program and explain how the program has increased student achievement and motivation to read. Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn how to set up a program like this in your school or district!

Maine Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning

You, too, can motivate the underachiever! The site, provided by undergraduate students at the University of Maine, seeks to provide multimedia products of value and use to educators and education scholars on how to engage all students so they can achieve to high standards. A model is provided for student/teacher relationships, with hands on projects and learning styles. A teaching approach is provided by Foxfire with Problem-Based learning solutions. An article summarizing a study of what underachieving students themselves believe motivate them to learn. See how a theory of meaningful engaged learning begins to emerge. Actual teaching techniques that match what you know about how students learn is reflected through content--optimal learning--solutions. Causes of the underachiever is also provided by the Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development. The MCMEL offers student projects and resources on integrating technology into the curriculum, instructional designs and investigates educational issues around technology as well as other teacher resources.

EETT Spotlight: Project Write On!

How do California schools use their funds from the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant? In this CDE spotlight, find out how an online instructional program increased writing scores, technology proficiency, and motivation.


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