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iPoddy Training on Flip Out Friday's

In this condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference, you are introduced to Kindergarten students who are actively involved in the creation and production of podcasts. Come learn how they utilize the flip camera, 3 iPods and one Mac computer to transform the classroom into a digital-age learning environment.

Mobile Learning and iTunes U

This Apple webpage provides an overview of the capabilities of the iPod Touch and ways it can be used in classrooms and to extend learning. Pay particular attention to the information about iTunes U where older students can access lectures and online courses.

Apple in Education - Education Profiles

This link takes you to an area of Apple's Education Profiles that explores a variety of ways the iPod Touch can be used in classrooms to enhance or extend student learning.

The iPod Touch Classroom

This is an online network for educators around the world who use the iPod Touch in classrooms.

Forty Interesting Ways to Use Your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom

The title for this SlideShare presentation says it all! View the presentation to see forty ways Flip cameras can be used in K-12 classrooms.

The Flip Camera in the Elementary School Classroom

This online module explores use of Flip cameras in the elementary school classroom. Topics covered include features of the camera, pros and cons for the Flip, and examples of use with students.

Using Flip Cameras in your Classroom

Jolene Anzalone is the Educational Computing Strategist at Escobedo Middle School in Las Vegas, NV. In this blog post she discusses why the Flip camera is a valuable resource for middle school classrooms, gives an overview of how to use the camera, and makes suggestions for classroom activities. She also provides a link to a tutorial on how to use Windows MovieMaker to edit Flip videos.

Using Video as a Teaching and Learning Tool

This SlideShare presentation provides an overview of reasons for using video as a tool for learning. It includes a brief explanation of how to use a Flip camera and also spotlights software that can be used for editing and creating video presentations such as MovieMaker and CamStudio.

Quick Take: Apple's iPod Touch in Education

In this 6-minute narrated presentation Susan Brooks-Young provides an overview of the iPod Touch and how it can be used in and out of the classroom for learning and management purposes.

Additional iPod Touch Resources

Use this handy link to quickly access resources in the TICAL database related directly to Apple's iPod Touch and iPhones.

Using iPods to Turn Students On To Reading (Part 1 of 2)

The eCAP program at El Crystal Elementary School in the San Bruno Park School District is a unique take home audiobook program where 40 targeted students use iPods to listen to and read from several different literature books. In this TICALevision episode principal Skip Johnson and several teachers and students share the program and explain how the program has increased student achievement and motivation to read. Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn how to set up a program like this in your school or district!

Aspirnaut Initiative

An 'Aspirnaut' is a student who aspires, seeks, and achieves. This three-year program targets students in rural Arkansas who now face daily lengthy bus rides due to school district consolidation. Rather than allow these students to sit idly during their commute to and from school, these aspirnauts now know that school begins the moment they board their Internet-connected bus where they use laptops and iPods to study. Learn more by visiting the site.

Top 50 Free Education Apps

Staying on top of iPod Touch apps appropriate for use with students can be a challenge. This webpage shows the current top 50 free apps (pulled from iTunes). While the apps still need to be reviewed for usefulness in your setting, this resource gives busy administrators a place to begin looking.

Using iPods to Turn Students On To Reading (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of a TICALevision episode you will see how El Crystal elementary school has been able to sustain the eCAP program, a take home audiobook program, for several months. You will hear how principal Skip Johnson and his teachers set-up a training program where the upper grade students trained the younger students. You will also see how easy it is to quickly add audiobooks to the iPods. Lastly, you will hear some ideas Mr. Johnson has to extend this program in the future.

TICAL Recommended Mobile Apps. For Administrators (iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Droid)

This is a growing list of mobile application recommendations by practicing educational leaders. They are organized by category and can be relevant for iPads, iPods, iPhones, and/or Android OS. You can filter out any specific criteria by clicking on the drop-down arrow showing (All) and selecting an appropriate criteria. Have your own apps to recommend? See below the list to complete the short form.

Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPod

The Bretford PowerSync Cart gives educational institutions an ideal mechanism for distributing and updating information using the iPod and iPod nano. This innovative solution organizes, charges, and transports up to 40 iPod players and keeps them all secure behind a roll-top door. It also lets you synchronize up to 20 iPod units from a single computer.

Podcasting Resources for Educators and Students

Podcasting offers educators and students remarkable opportunities for their voices to be heard in their local communities or the around world. Using software such as iPodder, you can create audio content that can be downloaded and listened to on portable MP3 players such as the iPod.

Quick Takes: Flip Cameras in Education

In this quick take presentation you will learn about Flip cameras and ways they can be used to enhance instruction. You will also see some examples of digital media and videos produced by teachers, administrators, and students.

iPod in Education: The Potential for Teaching and Learning

How and why might educators use iPods as tools for learning? This white paper describes various ways iPods may be used in and out of the classroom by students as well as teachers. Many examples are provided. The emphasis of this Apple-sponsored report is iPod’s ability to differentiate learning for all types of students and promote independent learning via a cost-effective, handheld device.

C3 - Collect, Connect, and Coach

Are you an administrator who has moved from paper to digital teacher or classroom observations? Have you been interested in using the iPod Touch or iPhone handheld to document what is happening in the classroom and manage your observation data online? This site contains all the updates, downloads and information to warehouse the database on your server. And as of 2008, everything is free!

A Collaborative School Embracing Digital Media

In this TICALevision episode, hear from Jennifer Wildman and her staff at Landmark Elementary School in Pajaro Valley Elementary School on how integrating Flip cameras have increased teacher effectiveness by providing teachers with videos of their classrooms which aides in the critical evaluation of each others’ methods.

iPod Touch & iPad Resources

These resources, compiled and organized by Susan Brooks-Young and Chris O'Neal, provide educators with an abundance of resources from application (app) reviews to general discussions on using iPods, iPads, and iPhones in education. The site is organized by content area and include use of the devices in each area.

App List for Special Education

This is a comprehensive, up-to-date list of apps for iOS products, focusing on Special Education. The list is organized by subject and it is updated frequently. Each app has a short description and a link to the Apple iTunes Store. Use on iPads, iPhones, iPods, etc.

iPod Touch and iPad Resources LiveBinder

This LiveBinder is chock full of information related to iPod Touches and iPads in K-12 education. Topics covered include apps by content area, app reviews, how-to tips, and instructional strategies.


Tools to help educators use online videos to create custom lesson plans, or use lessons developed by others. You can browse by a curriculum subject. TED-Ed You Tube includes videos you can use as is, or change to fit a lesson. There are follow up questions and assignments. Lessons can be "flipped. The site allows anyone to take useful educational videos and create customized lessons around it. TED's commitment to creating "lessons worth sharing" can help teachers and educational leaders meet the needs of 21st century learners. Keywords: Ted Ed, TED, flipped classroom

Bill Gates's School Panopticon

In his Radio TICAL interview (January 2014), David Reilly refers to a “trans-modernist” pedagogy based on “flipping” the panopticon paradigm--Jeremy Bentham's concept that was popularized by Michael Foucault in the late 20th-century. In this first of a two-part post in his Education Week blog Reality Check, Walt Gardner sees a striking resemblance between the panopticon and Bill Gate’s dream of training a video camera on every teacher.

Building Community Through Digital Media & Story

In this Leading Digitally Admin 2.0 webinar, Thom Dunks shared suggestions for harnessing the creative power of multimedia stories and blending a variety of desktop digital media tools with mobile device apps (iPad, iPhone, & iPod apps). Educators have inspirational stories to tell. School leaders can take advantage of easy-to-use multimedia tools and strategies to communicate their vision, build community, and provide high visibility leadership in technology. (Archived recording; you may need to download software in order to view it.)


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