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A complete guide to web, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus privacy and security!

This web-based guide and downloadable PDF provides you up-to-the-date information on staying safe and secure with all the social media you, your students, and staff are using. Walks you through all the privacy settings you need for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more!

Social Media We Use

Morris County in New Jersey is in the vanguard of public entities using social media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to work in the public's behalf. Check out what the county government doing. It will suggest lots of ways you might do similar things with your school or district.

What Role Does Social Media Have in Education?

Compass Learning recently asked 30 educators at the Texas ASCD conference in Dallas: What role—if any—does social media (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.) play in your classroom or district? This brief video is a great springboard for staff discussions about the role of social media at your site.

Engaging Your School Community Through Social Media

Edutopia article outlining how to use social media to promote and engage your school community. Covers your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Blogs. Gives specific examples and tips to using each one.

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the internet. How come? Lots to think about here!

Facebook for School

This condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference will provide administrators with an overview of the use of Facebook as a powerful social networking tool to connect stakeholders with the vision and mission of your school. In this session participants will learn the importance of using social media to connect with the community, how to do it safely, and see practical examples of Facebook Fan pages from the perspective of a teacher, building level administrator, and superintendent.

Using Twitter to Highlight Classroom Effectiveness

In this presentation, TICAL cadre member Kevin Silberberg shares how, as superintendent, he uses a cell phone and Twitter to communicate his positive classroom observations to the community.

The Complete Facebook For Educators!

Facebook is controversial within the educational circles–should it or should it not be included as a valid learning tool. Teachers coming under fire for Facebook postings. Should teachers friend students, former students, etc. At the very least, you should have as much information as possible before you make your final decision. This site provides some answers and resources as you look to integrate social media into your instructional and communication programs.

Quick Takes: Twitter

This 6-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. Susan gives an overview of the microblogging service called Twitter and how it can be used in educational settings.


Twitter is a free social media service often referred to as a ‘micro-blog.’ Like a traditional blog, users post messages that readers can comment on. Unlike a blog, these posts or ‘Tweets’ consist of just 140 or fewer characters- no more than a sentence or two. Educators are experimenting with use of Twitter in classrooms, during meetings, and even to support home/school communication.

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