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Using Twitter to Highlight Classroom Effectiveness

In this presentation, TICAL cadre member Kevin Silberberg shares how, as superintendent, he uses a cell phone and Twitter to communicate his positive classroom observations to the community.

Funding Factory Recycling Program

Are you looking for ways to stretch your technology budget? Take a look at the FundingFactory Recycling Program. This program allows you to recycle empty computer inkjet and laser cartridges and old cell phones, turning this trash into equipment or cash. This free, all-inclusive fund raising alternative does not involve selling. What a great way to teach recycling to students and reap benefits for the school at the same time!

Cell Phones on Campus: Are they driving you crazy?

In this Radio TICAL episode, TICAL cadre members Bob Blackney and Kelly Calhoun share their perspectives on the kinds of things we need to consider in crafting campus cell phone policies.

What Can You Learn From A Cell Phone? Almost Anything!

Can cell phones be used as learning tools to help students gain 21st century skills? Marc Prensky highlights many uses for the classroom including voice, Short Messaging Service (SMS or text messaging), graphic displays, downloadable programs, Internet browsing, cameras, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and video clips.

Using Cell Phones in School for Learning

We can look at cell phones as a great distraction and annoyance or as a tool for learning. In this short entry in his Weblog, Marc Prensky takes the latter perspective. And as cell phones come with more and more features, the list of instructional possibilities is likely to grow.

Cell Phone and Pager Issues

Trying to develop or revise a cell phone policy for your school or district? National School Safety and Security Services presents arguments against allowing or encouraging students to have cell phones and pagers in school.

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