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eScholar bills itself as the complete data warehouse solution for K-12 education. Their stated mission is to make meaningful information available to all the people who are involved in the education of our children. This includes everyone from school administrators and leaders to teachers, parents and even students themselves. The founders of eScholar LLC are the same people who launched the widespread use of data warehousing and data mining in industry in the mid 1980's.

This company provides services and product solutions for schools, districts, and related agencies in the areas of assessment and technology use planning and implementation. One of their products, INFORM, is an Internet-based software suite that assists in the assessment of students by effectively managing data and instructional practices to achieve continuous improvement. As of 2008, Kyrene School District was using EDmin tools to facilitate data-driven decision making by principals, teachers and district leaders.

Software for K-12 Education-- SAS

SAS claims to provide a "powerful and interrelated suite of solutions and services, including curriculum resources, schooling-effectiveness technologies and administrative solutions." The company's "business intelligence" products address a range of information and decision-making needs from asset management to data warehousing, analysis, and synthesis. Poway Unified School District near San Diego, California, is one district that has chosen SAS as a solution provider.

Destiny Asset Manager

A product of Follett Software Company, Destiny Asset Manager is designed to manage assets on a district-wide basis. Fixed and portable assets are managed such as laptops, sports equipment, maintenance equipment, and software licenses. Dan Neville, Assistant Technology Director in Kyrene School District, shares how his Arizona district has adapted the product to its own purposes in the Radio TICAL episode, "Managing Assets and Data."


In this 2007 Technology & Learning cover story, Michael Simkins describes ten business practices--and the technology that supports them--that can help your district maximize resources and run smoothly. Examples include asset management, benchmarking, and determining return on investment (ROI).

Managing Assets and Data

In this Radio TICAL episode, Dan Neville, Technology Specialist with Arizona’s Kyrene School District, shares how his district is using technology for more effective asset and data management. He gives examples that range from wireless devices that improve the accuracy of textbooks and equipment inventories to tools for collecting data from lots of sources in one place for analysis and interpretation.

Follett Software Company

Follett Software provides software solutions for data, curriculum, and assessment management to assist schools in reaching and sustaining high performance. They offer a variety of services from project management to professional development. Tetra Data has several different products in use in Kyrene (AZ) School District. The Analytical Warehouse stores data from multiple sources K-12. Teacher access includes reports on professional development courses completed, money expended in their classroom, and test scores of their students. Dan Neville, Assistant Technology Director in Kyrene School District, shares how his Arizona district uses the company in the Radio TICAL episode, "Managing Assets and Data."

The District Data Analyzer: A Low-Cost, High-Impact Alternative to a Data Warehouse

This BLE Group white paper reviews the Excelsior software District Data Analyzer, a tool used to access and analyze data across district systems without a data warehouse. An alternative for small and medium sized districts to an extensive data warehouse project, the District Data Analyzer is an excellent first step for organizations that want to start using data and meet NCLB requirements. This is a sponsored white paper. (Download the PDF)

Data Management and Analysis -- SuperTECH News May 2007

The May 2007 issue of the BLE Group SuperTECH News focuses on Data Management and Analysis tools. The newsletter defines three levels of data solutions and analysis sophistication with a summary of current trends. The products and solutions review covers: Excelsior Software, 3H Technology, Edusoft, Achieve! Data Solutions, Cal Data,, SchoolNet, Oracle, Cognos, eScholar, TetraData, and SAS Institute. A profile of Lake Washington School District highlights the hard work required to get good, clean data into the system and the readiness of teachers and administrators. Excellent item for your data-driven decision making reading list!

Edupoint Educational Systems

Edupoint provides online student information systems including special education administration software. As of 2008, Kyrene School District was using the company's attendance module.

Windsor Management Group - InfiniteVisions

Human resources represent the biggest part of a school district budget, so managing those resources effectively is critical. The Windsor Group is a vendor that markets online solutions to managing data and transactions from timecards to employee evaluations. Products from this vendor were seen in use during a 2008 site visit to Kyrene (AZ) school district. Technology such as this can save time and eliminate processing errors.

Winocular Applicant Tracking Software

WinOcular products were chosen by Kyrene (AZ) school district to handle employee processes such as online applications tailored for all job categories, electronic approval paths for requesting and authorizing positions, and tracking the hiring process. These technology tools are helping the district move toward a paperless environment.


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