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Useful for technology planning and professional development, ProfilerPRO is an online tool that enables you to administer and analyze online surveys. Create your own, or use an existing survey from the online library. Basic service is free. Additional features are available for a fee. Note, ProfilerPRO is the successor to Profiler.


Exchange Pointe International has developed an excellent set of school and classroom climate surveys for online administration and provides immediate survey results in colorful, easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. Teachers, parents, administrators, and students in grades 3 or higher can easily complete survey questions on the Web. Reports provide immediate data on customer satisfaction for use in school improvement plans and other decision making. It's possible to customize the surveys for specific needs. Exchange Pointe International also provides consulting on organizational development, accountability, and assessment issues.

Insight Instrument Library and Data Repository

Looking for an online survey instrument to back up your data for grants or reports or to evaluate the need for professional development? Take a look at INSIGHT, the South Central Instrument Library and Data Repository. The site has two distinct components: the Instrument Library that provides a centralized library of educational evaluation surveys and instruments and the Data Repository containing evaluation instruments to support research in educational technology and comparison data for instrument evaluation and administration.


Do you need to conduct a survey, collect ballots quickly, or ask questions before the big staff meeting? Zoomerang can help you. This web-based tool offers professional-grade surveys that gather and analyze the critical feedback necessary to make important decisions. There are over 100 modifiable templates to choose from or you can easily create one of your own and then receive real time results.

Profiling Educational Technology Integration (PETI)

The State Technology Directors Association offers this free framework and suite of tools to states, districts, schools, and researchers who are working to profile use of technology over a period of time. Developed by the Metiri Group, the tools have been pilot tested and validated.

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