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21st Century Learning Spaces

This provides ideas and resources for looking at classroom design and learning spaces to improve student engagement and success.

Trung Le - Fast Company Blogs

Trung Le is the lead designer for Cannon Design's education group and advocates for building design and schools that allow for student inquiry and imagination. He is known for incorporating multiple intelligence and learning styles into educational environment design and learning spaces. This resource provides several articles he has written on educational design.

Classroom 2020: A New Approach to Space and Design

In this TICALevision video episode, you will visit Redwood High School, one of the schools in Tamalpais Union High School district where they built a Classroom 2020 which provides a high degree of flexibility for instructional use and digitally equipped with some of the most productive tools for student engagement and personalized learning. The principal, teachers, and a student share the significance of using a classroom like this to increase student success focused on classroom design.

Research on Active Learning Classrooms

As more and more schools create flexible workspaces for students we should ask what the research says? The University of Minnesota has conducted research on how 21st century classroom design as affected student achievement. This document summarizes the results of this research.


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