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20 - Time in Education

Interested in the "20% Time" concept? Here's a great collection of resources and examples all directed at helping all of us in education inspire, create and innovate! A must-see for any school thinking about doing their own Innovation Day.

Innovation Day

Geoff Belleau created this list in Diigo as a follow up to his Radio TICAL interview about Crystal Middle School's Innovation Day Project. It includes examples of student work as well as planning documents developed by the school's principal and staff.

Learning in Depth Project

Learning in Depth is a simple though radical innovation in curriculum and instruction designed to ensure that all students become experts about something during their school years. Championed by Canadian educator Kieran Egan, this project will also be of interest to anyone interested in 20% time or an Innovation Day event.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

If you have not read Drive by Daniel Pink, this animated excerpt from one of his talks will give you a nice introduction. Ideas from the book inspired the Innovation Day Geoff Belleau talked about here on Radio TICAL.

Innovation Day Blog

Geoff Belleau shares his thoughts and reflection on the first Innovation Day at Crystal Middle School including videos and links to resources.


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