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7 Things You Should Know About...

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's (ELI's) 7 Things You Should Know About... series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices. provide quick, no-jargon overviews of emerging technologies and related practices that have demonstrated or may demonstrate positive learning impacts. Any time you need to explain a new learning technology or practice quickly and clearly, look for a 7 Things You Should Know About... brief from ELI. Use these briefs on enhance professional development and create dialogue on emerging technology.

Consortium for School Networking CoSN

The Consortium for School Networking is a professional organization that sponsors conferences, workshops, as well as offering timely updates and information through its web site. CoSN promotes the use of telecommunications to improve K-12 learning. Members represent state and local education agencies, nonprofits, and companies and individuals who the CoSN vision. CoSN's goal areas are leadership development, advocacy, coalition building, and emerging technology.

3-D Printing a Goo Goo

In this Tech & Learning article, Michael Simkins shares an emerging technology called a fabber. This enables you to print three-dimensionally. Michael shares an overview of the fabber and possible application in classrooms and schools.

Supersmart Robots

In this Tech & Learning article, Michael Simkins shares an emerging technology in which robots that can learn and reproduce. He provides some implications on how these robots can affect teaching and learning.


Consultant Leslie Fisher shares a collection of resources with teachers and administrators on various software applications and emerging technologies. She also contracts with districts to create websites. You will love the step-by-step guided handouts.

Operations and Maintenance Online Resources

In this 19 minute narrated presentation, Techmasters, Inc. consultants Van Wilkinson and Bev Blaylock share online resources for a facility’s operations and maintenance department. Topics include technologies, emerging technologies, and web sites relating to leadership, software, and products.

U3 Mobile Technology

This smart flash drive allows you to personalize any computer with a personal browser, communications tools, and open office. The jury is still out on the value of this emerging technology because of security and privacy concerns. Take a look!

Walt Mossberg Column Archive

Walt Mossberg's regular columns in the Wall Street Journal are a great way to keep up on current and emerging technology issues, new equipment, changes in operating systems, etc. He writes in clear language for the general reader. This free archive contains articles for the past 90 days.

Horizon Report - Summary of 2007 Edition

This summary of the 2007 Horizon Report was prepared by TICAL Cadre member Sandra Miller and TICAL staff member Jason Borgen. Michael Simkins narrates. The report describes new and emerging technology that can be used as tools for learning.

Ditch That Textbook

Ditch That Textbook is a web site filled with links and online resources for teachers and instructional leaders to provide content and experiences for students, using the latest and emerging technologies. Includes strategies for locating online experiences, connecting with speakers, using Skype, Google Hangouts and other technologies to provide rich content for students without using a textbook.


School2Home is a program designed to help close the Achievement Gap and the Digital Divide by integrating the use of technology into teaching and learning at low-performing middle schools throughout California. It is sponsored by the California Emerging Technology Fund and The Children’s Partnership.


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