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The E-Mail Age: NPR

NPR looks at the e-mail assault and how to fight back. This resource focuses on the issue of email overload. This is a resource posted by NPR having to do with the email deluge and ways to manage it. It is divided into a few sections so you can focus on your areas of greatest need. Including SPAM, loss of productivity, and much more!

Taking Control of Email

This blog has been developed by TICAL cadre member Devin Vodicka to assist school leaders to better manage email, reduce information overload, increase efficiency, and improve personal satisfaction. You will find successful best practices and some solutions used to help leaders manage email overload.

Taking Control of Email Presentation

In this narrated presentation Devin Vodicka provides a sequence of steps and offers resources that will help school leaders to take control of email, increase their efficiency, and improve their effectiveness. You will be free of email overload after you view this presentation.


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