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Distance Learning Through Video

In this TICALevision episode, You will see Adrienne Sadovsky, a history teacher helping students understand culture in the early 20th century using a video conferencing unit. Teaching out of an office at the Southwest Educational Cooperative in Monticello, Arkansas, she reaches several schools. She is equipped with a video conferencing unit hooked up to her computer while students sit in a classroom with a proctor and a video conferencing unit. Now, students in smaller sized districts are able to enroll in AP courses and electives they were never offered before.

THE Journal

The Technological Horizons in Education Journal (THE Journal) contains feature articles written for educators and practitioners in the field, coverage of trends and applications for technology in education, the latest in distance learning, broadband technology, software, products, and news, information on what educators are doing nationwide, special key conference coverage and supplements. I find it to be easy to read and very informative.

Cyber High

Interested in distance learning or independent study options? Cyber High is a comprehensive electronic high school that is available to any student with Internet access. The Cyber High curriculum claims to be aligned with the Content Standards and Frameworks of California. As of 2008, all courses are accredited through the Fresno Unified School District of which Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California, is the sponsoring entity. Many courses meet the College Prep A-G requirements for the University of California system.


This site is sponsored by the Teachers College of Columbia University and includes a Technology section that has articles and reviews about technology in the classroom, distance learning, and educational technology programs for educators.

Arkansas Distance Learning Curriculum Portal

This portal provides students, teachers, schools, and the community access to course information, content providers, guidelines, calendars, and many other resources relating to Arkansas' distance learning initiative.

Distance Learning Project @ Teachers College Columbia University

This project is a valuable resource for educational leaders to sustain professional development of teachers. The Distance Learning Project is an integrated approach to research, design, implementation, and evaluation. Emphasis is on the creation and support of powerful and engaging learner communities.


Want a really cool drag and drop web-authoring tool? How about online lessons already created for you? Interested in tools for distance learning? Check out eTEACH for many possibilities ranging from post-secondary lectures used for course enhancement or create your own lecture series. You can create a presentation with a dynamic table of contents that titles the major portions of the lecture and allows jumping to any portion, buttons that allow the lecture to be advanced or rewound 10 or 30 seconds, and fast forward and reverse buttons; all in an Internet Explorer window. eTEACH has a royalty-free license for non-profit educational institutions. It's an interesting tool to explore if you or one of your teachers is particularly interested in moving lectures and presentations to a web-playable format.

Alliance for Distance Education in California

The Alliance for Distance Education in California is a membership association comprised of over 200 professionals who are closely involved in the development of distance learning. ADEC is the only California-based organization that emphasizes cooperation between all segments of education-preschool through university level, lifelong learning, and corporate and industrial training.

Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH)

Concerned about copyright violations in your distance learning program? Here's a summary of the TEACH Act provided by the American Library Association. You'll find an excellent breakdown of the elements of the law and the requirements of learning institutions to take advantage of the law to be able to use copyrighted material in distance education without permission from the copyright owner and without paying royalties.

TEAMS Distance Learning

TEAMS has achieved national recognition by combining standards-based instruction for students with exemplary staff development opportunities for participating teachers. The TEAMS Distance Learning model, with its capacity to reach thousands of educators quickly, has proven to be an effective staff development tool for addressing the critical issues of classroom teacher preparedness.


Skype is a free Web-based tool that allows users to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to make computer-to-computer or computer-to-telephone calls. Calls to another computer are free. Calls to a telephone cost about two cents per minute. There is also conference calling capability (video and voice). A great option for educators who have restricted telephone access on campus. Also useful for student collaborative projects.

K12 is a custom video conference scheduling system designed especially for California's K-12 community. Designed and built by the K12High Speed Network (HSN) in collaboration with the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association.

California Distance Learning Project Online -- CDLP

This is an excellent FREE source for activities designed expressly for adult learners and their teachers. These adult learning units feature audio and extended hands-on activities. Many lessons also incorporate video. This is a useful site for distance learning, lab-based instruction, or hybrid classes. Useful links are available for other adult education resources.


IVCi is a provider of video conferencing services, audio visual systems, IP network services, streaming video solutions and audio conferencing services.


Polycom is a producer if video conferencing equipment and systems, delivering end-to-end rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the web.

Showcasing Innovation

In this Radio TICAL episode hear staff and Arkansas cadre members interview three recipients of the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant share their success stories. This episode was recorded at the annual EETT showcase in little Rock, Arkansas in the spring of 2008. Interactive whiteboards, distance learning programs, and using handhelds for one to one computing are highlighted.

PBS TeacherLine

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) TeacherLine is considered an excellent website resource for PreK-12 educators who are seeking to advance their careers or enhance their skills with standards and research-based graduate level courses in a flexible schedule. Educators can join the organization for free. This website also supports districts by offering options to enhance districts’ professional development offerings. More specifically, PBS TeacherLine offers high quality online professional development opportunities for educators covering the core subjects (Math, Reading and Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and History) and Instructional Strategies, Instructional Technology, and STEM. PBS TeacherLine has been recognized for its excellence by organizations such as the United States Distance Learning Association, National Educational Association, and the Software and Information Industry Association.


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