The Twelve Days of Christmas, Reprise!

Posted by Michael Simkins on December 31, 2012

On the twelfth day of Christmas technology gave me…

Twelve bloggers blogging
Eleven hackers hacking
Ten jobs a-spooling
Nine spammers spamming
Eight files a-loading
Seven disks formatting
Six pics-ilating
Five mp3’s
Four session cookies
Three flash drives
Two open ports
And a cartridge for my HP!

Best wishes for a warm and peaceful holiday and a very happy New Year!

(The post above first appeared in Tblogical in December 2007.)


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Michael Simkins

Michael Simkins is Consulting Director of TICAL — the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership. Prior to that he was director of the Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project and also served as COO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network. He was an elementary schoolteacher for 17 years and an elementary principal for 9 years. He grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, when it was still a “sleepy beach town.”

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