How’s your RTI workin’ for you?

Posted by Sheila Grady on June 12, 2010

We’re helpers.  We’re on the lookout for problems and want to fix them.   We love the idea that we have many interventions to choose among and that applying the appropriate one at the right time can put a student on the path to strong literacy.  That’s what RTI’s all about, after all.

Unfortunately, knowing something’s wrong is the easy part.  Isolating and fixing the problem is a much bigger challenge, and the “guess and check” strategies of the past have often failed to meet it.

Today, the good news is that technology can help us in ways that we could only dream about a few years ago.  We have many research-based software programs available that have been designed to assess, coach online and suggest teacher-directed interventions before re-assessing and planning the next step.  Used as intended and given the time to do what they’re designed to do, these programs can yield excellent results.

One example that we use at Lupin Hill is the Imagination Station—or “istation.”  It’s user friendly and very effective for all of our elementary students.  You can watch a two-minute video about the product or read a short newspaper article about our school’s experience.

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