Speak Up Survey Findings for Principals

Posted by Sandra Miller on November 30, 2015

Door to principal's officeSince the late 19th century, the name on the door has said principal. In the 21st century, it does still. However, the principal’s multi-faceted role has continued to evolve.

Today more than ever, principals must keep up to date on the culture surrounding their schools, even as they focus on student learning. Everyone has an opinion, especially about technology. Where is your school in relation to some of these key findings from a recent Speak Up Survey?  Should you move in one of these directions? Would your parents and teachers agree?

More than 9 out of 10 administrators say that the effective use of technology within instruction is important for achieving their school or district’s core mission of education and preparation of students.

Over three-quarters of parents (78%) say that the best way for their child to develop college career and citizen ready skills they will need for future success, is to use technology on a regular basis within his or her daily classes at school.

52% of teachers in blended classrooms say their students are developing collaborative skills as a result of using technology within learning.

Three-quarters of principals attribute increased student engagement in learning to the effective use of digital content in their blending learning classrooms.

There are more key findings from students and others on the Project Tomorrow Speak-Up website, including ready-to-show graphics to help principals present this information.

Register your school or district to be part of the Speak Up Survey and receive your school data free. It is an easy way for all your stakeholders to participate in local decisions about technology.  Deadline to Sign Up: December 18, 2015

Kate Rousmaniere has written, “Yet by the nature of their background and role as educators, principals have always been concerned with student learning, and principals across time have played a pivotal role in shaping the educational culture of schools.”

How might you use these findings to shape your school?


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Sandra Miller has been a teacher, principal, and director of technology learning, as well as taught courses in the educational leadership program at Cal Poly Pomona. She holds a doctorate in education from the University of La Verne and is a founding member of the TICAL cadre.

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