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Posted by Sandra Miller on May 13, 2014

Today’s educators are fast becoming “digital leaders” in their schools and districts.  It’s almost expected that they will be able to provide leadership to everyone—staff members, students, and parents—as new technologies continue to become a part of learning.

I work with educators who are earning Leading Edge Certification.  It’s a new certification that focuses on site, district and regional administrators and was developed by an alliance of educational organizations that includes TICAL. The goal is to prepare these leaders to  effectively utilize technology tools, resources and innovative solutions to advance student achievement, foster educator productivity and extend learning opportunities for all.   The program is composed of six modules plus one “elective” topic.

Screenshot of Common Sense Media home page with Digital Citizenship menu indicated

Since I’ve been working with this program, one area that really stands out is the ability of these leaders to find and share information about “cyberbullying,” which is part of the Digital Citizenship module.  One tool that has been especially helpful to them is the non-profit Common Sense Media website. Related resources are found under the Educators tab by clicking on Digital Literacy.

Principals and superintendents have added web pages to their school or district websites to provide parents with an understanding of bullying as well as how to seek help.  They have used videos and prepared information for parent workshops and meetings.  And of course they have given links, videos, and discussion guides to teachers.

Cyberbullying is just one part of digital literacy.  Common Sense Media also offers resources on helping students understand the permanence of their online presence, as well as how to best utilize technology tools. 1:1 guidance and professional development have their own sections.  I have no personal connection to Common Sense Media, but I have had over 100 superintendents or principals use the site with much success and comment it was one of the best aids to them in fulfilling their job as a digital leader.


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Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller has been a teacher, principal, and director of technology learning, as well as taught courses in the educational leadership program at Cal Poly Pomona. She holds a doctorate in education from the University of La Verne and is a founding member of the TICAL cadre.

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  1. I also recommend that school leaders read “Sticks and Stones” by Emilyy Bazelon. It’s a great book about bullying and cyberbullying with some remarkable insights.

  2. As part of the older generation I had to struggle to keep up with all of the tech changes during the later part of my career. Thanks to other educational leaders sharing information and resources through TICAL I was able to keep up. Thanks for sharing the resource and helping others deal with issue of protecting the students and utilizing tech resources to improve teaching and learning. Sharing can be a good thing! We don’t have to let those with mean spirits to keep students from enjoying the great resources.

    Tommy Tyler

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