Moonshot Thinking

Posted by Sheila Grady on October 20, 2013

Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., lunar module pilot, walks on the surface of the Moon near the leg of the Lunar ModuleAt our TICAL cadre meeting last week, we watched the “Moonshot Thinking” video from the Google Solve for X project. Visually and mentally engaging, this video will spawn deep conversations among your colleagues. In celebrating creativity that is the hallmark of great leaps of progress in the human race, it challenges educators to face the question of why the creativity of children decreases as they move through our school system.

Resisting my teacher habit of giving a list of questions to start discussions, I invite you to watch the video for yourself, then check the links below. As you do, picture a child you love and imagine how different their life would be if the creativity and motivation to learn of his/her kindergarten self could still be intact when he/she graduates from high school. I am sure you will know how to present this to your colleagues for discussion.



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Sheila Grady

Sheila Grady is principal of Lupin Hill Elementary School in Calabasas, California and a member of the TICAL Cadre.

3 thoughts on “Moonshot Thinking”

  1. Thanks for this Sheila! I think educators are recognizing the need for divergent thinking more and more. The Common Core actually has as one of its central tenets for students to be taught how to think and problem solve. We are developing as educators so we can recgnize there are more than one right answer to most questions. And even moreso, it’s telling children “I don’t want the right answer. I want YOUR answer.”

  2. We are the victims of our own boxed-in thinking. Thanks for sharing the video and links, Shelia. I’d love to hear how your staff reacts to these ideas and resources.

  3. Thanks Shiela for a very inspiring post! In the context of significant changes in education, now is exactly the time and opportunity for leaders at all levels to be creative and ambitious about transformational changes.

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