Jack Goes Back to School

Posted by Michael Simkins on September 4, 2007

Click image to watch Jack's video on YouTube.

Just as I was beating myself up for going a month without posting anything (of course, it was a summer month, after all), our very own California State Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Connell provided me with the perfect inspiration. He made this short Back to School video and posted it to YouTube. What a nice blend of fun and practical advice. And it’s also a creative way of using technology to put a friendly, human face on state government, which, for most kids anyway, can seem a very distant and incomprehensible institution. Way to go, Jack!

Superintendent O’Connell’s 10 Tips for Kids:

  1. Read for fun.
  2. Turn off the TV and get creative.
  3. Get plenty of rest.
  4. Eat healthy and exercise.
  5. Don’t give up, ask for help.
  6. Learn by helping others.
  7. Make friends who are different.
  8. Schedule time for homework every day.
  9. Volunteer to be a mentor.
  10. Set your sights high.

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Michael Simkins

Michael Simkins is Consulting Director of TICAL — the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership. Prior to that he was director of the Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project and also served as COO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network. He was an elementary schoolteacher for 17 years and an elementary principal for 9 years. He grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, when it was still a “sleepy beach town.”

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