Choice Eliminator Add-On for Google Forms

Posted by Susan Gilley on July 12, 2015

Google forms have a variety of uses. You can do surveys, gather important data, or create quizzes, just to name a few. Recently, I have discovered an add-on for Google forms that increases the power of forms. This add-on is called Choice Eliminator. Imagine the possibilities when you can have choices that disappear once each person submitting the form has selected one of the options. My first thought for use would be for parent/teacher conferences. You want to give parents the option of selecting their time, but you also want options to disappear once they have selected one. The Choice Eliminator add-on is your best friend for turning this possibility into a reality. Brian Gray’s YouTube video gives you the best example of how it works and walks you through the steps to accomplish it on your own.

Once you have watched the video to see how it is done, follow these basic steps.

Install the Choice Eliminator add-on to your Google form
  1. Create your form including the multiple choice options for each question.
  2. Click on Add-ons (Make sure you are in your Google form).
  3. Click on Get Add-ons.
  4. Search for Choice Eliminator.
  5. Install the Choice Eliminator Add-on.
Use it
  1. Click on Add-on – Choice Eliminator – Start
  2. A dialogue box appears on the right hand side of the screen.
  3. After the question list loads, click on the question you want to eliminate choices on.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Your form is now ready to go!
But WAIT!, there’s more

As shown in the video, you can now allow multiple selections/restrictions for different options within the form. For example, if you want three 8 o’clock slots, but only one 3 o’clock slot, you can do that!

  1. Create your questions in the usual way
  2. Open Choice Eliminator dialogue box on the right
  3. Click to eliminate choices
  4. Then click on choice options
  5. Now you can set the number of options available for each answer within your multiple choice list that you provided in your form.

The Choice Eliminator add-on for Google forms truly transforms your educational practices and opens up an unlimited number of possibilities for educators when creating forms that need limited selected options at times. Please share in comments how you might use the choice eliminator add-on and how it might most benefit you! As I always say, it’s not what you know, but what you share.


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Susan Gilley

Susan Gilley is Executive Director for Federal Programs and Instructional Technology at Harrison School District in Harrison, Arkansas, and a member of the TICAL cadre.

5 thoughts on “Choice Eliminator Add-On for Google Forms”

  1. Susan, Have you had any trouble with this tool NOT eliminating the number of selections? One of our teachers set this up and when I went into it, it appears to be set up for 1 time for each “time slot” on the form (one pt conference at 3:30) and we have submissions but it never reflects that the person has chosen that time (on the choice eliminator it still says 0/1 on that time) and it is still allowing other parents to choose the same time (but on the response sheet for that form it shows that a parent signed up for that time. Driving that school nuts! Thanks for any wisdom you can shoot our way!


  2. I have only seen that happen with one district and it was when they had multiple students registering for courses at once. It appeared that internet speed was influencing how quickly the spreadsheet was being updated with choices and choice eliminator could not recognize that choices had been selected. I will do some checking on the web page from the creator of choice eliminator and forums to see if I can find similar situations and possible solutions or recommendations.

  3. It’s now 2017. I was trying to find a solution to the same problem Lynn Stewart is telling. Because I’m having the same problem with one form. The other form looks okay using the Choice Eliminator. Both forms are using the Drop Down and not the Multiple Choices.

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