Getting Teachers to Use the Stuff—Take 2

Posted by Michael Simkins on April 4, 2009

Yesterday at the Leadership 3.0 Symposium, a stalwart panel of educators spoke on the topic, “The Cheers and Jeers of Getting Teachers to Use the Stuff:  Supporting Technology Integration in the Classroom.”  The group included TICAL cadre members Lisa Gonzales, Jim Scoolis, John White, Becci Gillespie, and yours truly as moderator.  We same five did this same session a year ago to a standing-room-only audience (which is why we decided to try it again) and it seems the topic still appeals.  As in 2008, we had a room full of people, though we did not have quite the same fireworks among panel members that caused us to add the “cheers and jeers” to the title this year.

During the session, panelists responded to four questions:

  1. Many teachers report their desire to receive training and then use technology with their students, but after training, there aren’t significant changes in their use of technology or instructional practices. What success have you had with training and sustaining the use of technology after the training?
  2. Are there types of technology that your teachers have been trained to use that have enabled small successes, resulting in broader use by the masses?
  3. What support have you put in place at your school to help teachers feel like they can use and be successful with the technology available, and what technology did you have available?
  4. Have any of you had experience with bringing about broad use of technology at a site with minimal experience, confidence, and interest?

Want to know what the panelists had to say?  Notes from the session are posted here in the TICAL Community.


Boolean Boost

Posted by Michael Simkins on May 14, 2006

No, that’s not the newest dietary supplement at Jamba Juice. It’s our new and much improved simple search tool. Thanks to our dedicated webmaster Rose, you can now phrase your search of the TICAL database many different ways according to your whim. And that’s not all that is improved. One entry now simultaneously searches both the name and abstract fields. You can choose to view all entries at once instead of just five at a time. And you can easily revise your search phrase to target your results. Check it out!


Second foot enters water.

Posted by Michael Simkins on May 8, 2006

LogoWell, one foot got wet by starting this blog. Now the waves are lapping at foot number two as I post my first podcast. I made it during a great TICAL cadre workshop last Saturday. Chris Walsh of WestEd was the workshop leader and he was awesome. What an accomplished guy. If you see his name on a conference program, go to his session.

Now, if you ever wondered how the TICAL Logo came to be what it is, you can listen to my maiden podcast and get the gist. Oh, and I promise to improve with practice!


To blog or not to blog?

Posted by Michael Simkins on March 24, 2006

At TICAL, I guess we’ve decided “To blog or not to blog?” is a question that’s been answered. Blogging is not a choice if you’re going to stay on the cutting edge of educational technology. So here is our first official, public effort. Like many first efforts, it may be a bit clumsy, but we figure it’s better to jump in and get going than procrastinate. Stumble upon this blog and don’t know what the heck TICAL is? Visit us at — Michael