School Leader Development: Building 21st Century Schools

Posted by Michael Simkins on March 25, 2006

Under the fearless leadership of TICAL cadre member Kevin Silberberg, five of us had the good fortune to be immersed for two days in Microsoft’s new School Leader Development curriculum. It’s part of their Partners in Learning project and it’s a very cool overview of key topics from how the world–and students–are changing, to how people learn, to what leaders need to do to help initiate and sustain the changes necessary to retool education for the 21st century.

We had a great little group. Cadre member Sheila Grady brought fellow administrator Steve Rosentsweig. Both from Las Virgenes Unified School District, they’re part of a committee to define the district’s technology vision. Walk’bout creator George Manthey represented ACSA. Stephen Choi, Director of Technology for San Marino Unified School District, completed our coterie.

I’m sold on the curriculum and looking for opportunities to share it. — Michael