Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership


Planning for Technology

Narrated presentations by Harvey Barnett to help you develop a sound, effective technology plan for your school or district.


In this series of brief, narrated slide shows, Harvey Barnett shares key information and strategies to inform and guide your technology planning process.


Harvey is a Senior Research Associate in the Technology in Education program of WestEd RTEC. He has served as a consultant to state departments of education for technology planning and served as principal of Stevens Creek Elementary School in Cupertino, CA, one of the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) project schools in partnership with Apple Computer, Inc. He is a member of the board of directors of Computer Using Educators, Inc.


Technical note: To view these presentations, you'll need an Internet connection and Adobe Flash Player. If needed, the Adobe Flash player may be downloaded for free from Adobe. If you experience difficulties viewing any of the presentations, please contact us with the specifics of the issue.

The approximate viewing time for each presentation is given in parentheses. Allow slightly more time for slower connection speeds.


"Making Sure Technology Pays Off" - Key research on the effectiveness of technology in learning.

"Making Sure Technology Happens in the Classroom" - How to foster the integration of technology with curriculum and content standards.

"Monitoring and Evaluating Your Technology Plan" - How to make sure your technology plan is implemented and works.

"Professional Development in Technology: Key Principles" - Research-based recommendations for designing effective professional development.

"Professional Development in Technology: Strategies and Examples" - Learn about six practical strategies and three successful models.

"Planning for Funding and Budget" - Learn key factors to consider when you develop a budget for your technology plan.

"Acceptable Use Policies" - Why you must have one and what it should contain.

"Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, and Technical Support" - Key things to remember about these four components that are critical to the success of your technology plan.

"Ethical Use of Technology and Internet Safety For Your Technology Plan" -Ethical use and Internet safety are important topics to include in your technology plan. In California, these are now new requirements in accordance with Assembly Bill 307 and Education Code 51871.5.

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