Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership


Presentations by Gabe Soumakian

TICAL cadre member and
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Burbank Unified School District


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NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Essentials


This TICAL presentation is designed to help administrators and teachers learn more about the Highly Qualified Teacher requirements under the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. In developing this presentation, the California Department of Education Professional Development and Curriculum Support Division was consulted to ensure the accuracy of the information.


Student Cyber Safety


Gabe worked on this collabortive piece with Cadre members Skip Johnson, Sheila Grady, and John White, all school principals. They provide three specific web resources to inform administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the community on how to provide a safe and secure environment when using the Internet.


E-mail Protocol and E-mail Etiquette for Effective Communication


This presentation will focus on e-mail protocol and etiquette to improve effective communication. E-mail etiquette is defined as the informal rules of behavior for the Internet. The goal is to create a culture of cooperation that supports a high level customer service.