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Leadership 3.0 Symposium Presentation Summaries

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Students Using Technology in a Common Core Age
Dennis Deets

This presentation is designed to give administrators an overview of the role educational technology will play in the California Common Core Standards (CCCS). Topics covered include: CCCS student learning expectations relevant to web based research and publication, CCCS assessment needs and student internet access, and in smaller part, various other topics from disruptive innovation to open-access as they pertain to CCCS. This presentation will help district leaders build an educational technology vision that is grounded on student learning in a time of CCCS.

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School Improvement as a Function of Engaged Students, Revivified Teachers, and an Involved Community
Rushton Hurley

Rapid change in funding, technology and the political climate has made strengthening staff morale and collaboration all the more complex, but these challenges may offer phenomenal opportunities for your school. In this session, we will discuss six interwoven techniques for improving student performance, rekindling teacher professionalism, and connecting with supporters in the community. Come with an open mind and leave with resources, ideas and a plan for a strong end to the school year.

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